Zsonic – Hidden By Leaves EP & Music Video

Zsonic Hidden by Leaves EP


1. Zsonic – Hidden By Leaves

2. Zsonic – Mantra

3. Zsonic – Hunter Seeker

4. Zsonic – Intrusion Effect (SON!kA x Outlaw Producer x Dylan C Remix)

5. Zsonic – Hunter Seeker (kuxxan SUUM Remix)

6. Zsonic – Hunter Seeker (Cixxx J Boogie Remix)

7. Zsonic – Mantra (Veztax Remix)

Missouri native Zsonic’s Hidden By Leaves EP is eastern-influenced acid-dub techno combined with dark percussion, low echoes, and spacey atmospherics for a rhythmic and deeply grooving naturalistic experience. At first the music feels heavy and dark, until your eyes adjust, your pupils dilate, and then Zsonic flicks on the lights for a blinding burst of light.

The release is due out April 20 on Chicago label and collective Them Flavors. When it comes to electronic music, there are so many crews constantly emerging in NYC and LA, that it can be easy to overlook the city that started it all – The Second City. In Chicago, even though it’s usually freezing over, things are starting to heat up in the underground much like they did when house music first hit their clubs in the 80s.

A fresh and exciting music collective that goes by the name of Them Flavors has burst onto the scene, operating as both a label and event promoter. Founded just over a year ago, they’ve made a splash by bringing in a wide range of top underground talent to Chicago on a weekly basis, such as Benjamin Damage, Heathered Pearls, BOT, Nick Hook, Rone, Maxxi Soundsystem, French Fries, Avalon Emerson, Matrixxman, Rustie, Astronomar, Kingdom, Evian Christ, Princess Nokia, Kill Frenzy, Nguzunguzu and many, many more. As the crew with its finger on the pulse of Chicago’s underground, stay tuned to see what comes from Them Flavors this year as they continue to globalize the dance floor.

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