Stephen Hawking said a man should avoid contact with extraterrestrials

Stephen Hawking: "a man should avoid contact with extraterrestrials"

Aliens may exist, but men should avoid contact with them because the consequences could be catastrophic, warns the British astrophysicist in a television program aired by Discovery Channel.

“If aliens visited us, the result would be more important that when Christopher Columbus arrived in America, something that was positive for the Native Americans,” said the scientist in a new TV series.

Some advanced aliens could possibly have been nomadic and want to conquer and colonize the planets were known, believes in this series entitled “The Universe with Stephen Hawking.”

Assuming the existence of extraterrestrial life, astrophysicist noted that “the real challenge is to know what currently seem to ‘aliens’.”

He has made several attempts to contact extraterrestrial civilizations. In 2008, NASA, the U.S. aerospace agency, issued in space the Beatles song “Across the Universe” to send a message of peace to any aliens. This message should reach the region of Polaris in 2439.

Stephen Hawking, 68, world famous for his work on the universe and gravity, is the author of “Brief History of Time”, one of the greatest successes of the scientific literature, and “The Universe in a Nutshell.”