Sarah Jessica Parker, obsessed with his physical

Sarah Jessica Parker is concerned birthday. According to the British magazine ‘Closer’, Sarah Jessica Parker is “obsessed” with the idea of looking like a woman and so she has to undergo strict diets and crushed in the gym daily.

Apparently, the actress would have lost a lot of weight in no time. He even said that his body mass index (BMI) would be considerably below the minimum for people who enjoy good health.

This is something that is beginning to worry people around him. An anonymous source has told the magazine above the actress “has always taken into account their health,” but that this becomes “a new level.”

Sarah “is concerned about look older and feel you need to be on a diet to keep fit, but what happens is that has become obsessed,” published this week the magazine ‘Closer’. ”For her it is normal to spend two hours a day in the gym and run eight miles while eating as little as possible for a human person,” said the anonymous source.

To this is added the situation “stressful” the actress who is living by having to juggle her career with work that gives a mother of three children.

“It’s stressful but it’s a good stress,” Sarah said earlier this year. ”We do our best, like any family,” he added. ”Most working mothers are working much harder than me and do not have much help as I have, so I can not complain,” concluded the actress.