We are proud to present: Paul Jene – Promise

Paul Jene - Promise

“Promise” is the first single of the album of the same name, which includes other songs to be released in the coming weeks. This single is part of a very special dance music project based on the rich musical universe of the composer Pau Jené. Jené has been influenced by different musical styles, ranging from electronic to 90s, and even some reminiscences of classical and baroque music. It represents a breath of fresh air in the current dance scene.

The singer Lou Pery is responsible for giving life and personality to a melody that explores the original and colourful harmonic background of the composer. Lou Pery trained at the prestigious Academia Memory Barcelona, and apart from her work as singer, she currently teaches tap, jazz and body percussion. As singer and choreographer of the musical group Amarcord, she was finalist in TV3’s “Oh Happy Day” competition (Barcelona).

The single has been produced in collaboration with Donatelli, a producer with extensive experience in electronic music. From his Barcelona-based studio, he is responsible for giving shape to new projects in the house and electronic music scene.

“Promise” is not just the expression of a budding love story. It’s a musical declaration of intentions that Pau Jené launches on his first venture in dance music under his own name and that promises new, magical and exciting releases.

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