Night Talk launch Chimaera EP

Switzerland’s Lukas Horst aka Night Talk (AYM / Suara / Diynamic / This Is Recordings / Bunny Tiger) is back with another unpredictable masterpiece in his new Chimaera EP, out now.

A chimera is something you’ve imagined that’s bits and pieces of other things swirled together into a dark but beautiful fantasy, something impossible in real life that only exists in your mind. With layers of sounds that hypnotize us, that trap our mind in order to make imaginary trips, this entrancing 3-headed creature holds us captive in its dark and mysterious atmospheres in Night Talk’s signature fashion with his forthcoming EP.

Lukas (Night Talk) says of this release, “I produced all tracks this winter. I went through a very emotional event in my life and for sure influenced my music. All tracks are very synth-driven, dark and atmospheric. I went through various emotions during the production process which you can hear in the three tracks. That’s why I called the EP, ‘Chimaera‘. A hybrid creature from the Greek mythology a mixture between goat, lion and snake.”

The stunning 3-track project will be out on May 30, 2016 on his own AYM imprint (Night Talk / Edward Ean & Steffen Sonnenschein / nuemp / Alixander III of Azari & III / Lake People / Translucent / Manuelle Musik / Human Life / Louisahhh!!!).


1. Night Talk – Chimaera

2. Night Talk – Traces

3. Night Talk – Diffractions

Source: Night Talk launch Chimaera EP

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