New hit song: Mario Joy – Nada Mas

Mario Joy - Nada Mas

A big part of his career, Marius Nicula aka “Mario Joy” focused more on the composition and work inside the studio,where he worked together with local artists such as Connect-R, Nick Kamarera,Eduard Schneider and many others,in a series of songs that were released in the last few years. At the same time he decided to release his first song as a performer,this happened in 2010 with the release of “Vejo Bonito”,when he met the first taste of success and concerts, the song became a hit in several countries such as Greece, Cyprus, Albania, Azerbaijan.

In the years that followed, after a series of released songs, the artist decided to return to work as a composer. He prepared thoroughly and improved with “JHaps Records” ,the label & studio that launched the hit single “Bilionera” that has now over 80 million views. “Mario Joy” is now coming to public attention with his own composition entitled “Nada Mas”. The song was completed in terms of orchestration / mix / master at the “JHaps Records” studio by the sound engineers: Pal Claudiu Ramon and Andrei Murariu.

The song sounds like a hit,labels in Turkey, Greece and Cyprus have already confirmed their partnership with the “Mario Joy” project.

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