New Hit: Department of Trance South Germany Trance – Outbound


Between trance and techno music, Maticx has been defining his sound and style at countless clubs and events since 1997. ‘Outbound’ is described as ‘one hundred percent trance.’ South Germany Trance understands the complexities of music production and has created a massive trance sound elegantly accented with ‘not forgotten melodies.’ This big tune is designed to give listeners a taste of what to expect in the future of trance music from Maticx.

South Germany Trance, the moniker of electronic music producer Tom Maticx, recently released a new single, ‘Outbound.’The single is distributed on Department of Trance Recordings, an indie record label that Maticx founded
as a result of the genre’s increased popularity in recent years.

The actual track is a slick, well-produced endeavor that highlights the best of South Germany Trance’s influences. It’s perfectly at home on the dance floor or in your workout playlist. The track crafts a cinematic soundscape of epic proportions, demanding attention from the listener.‘Outbound’ is available now on the following websites listed below. It’s also listed under the code ‘DOT007’ on the Department of Trance. For more information on this project, the record label, or to follow South Germany Trance online, check out these corresponding sites:

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