Marshall Stacks – Journey to Tortilla Mountain

Marshall Stacks - Journey to Tortilla Mountain

A possessed Ronnie James Dio tape, an Area 51 engineer with a need for speed, and an undercover CIA agent with a dark secret cross paths unexpectedly in a tale for the ages — “JOURNEY TO TORTILLA MOUNTAIN” — as chronicled by the mysterious ghost pepper historian Marshall G. Stacks — a tale woven through extraterrestrial canyons, earthly deception, and green goo. Marshall Stacks, who cut his teeth playing in notorious Chicago psych-fusion bands Viper, Lake Breeze, and Harshest Realm, as well as NYC’s adult-contempo group Treatment, has concocted a shredded out space-funk odyssey designed exclusively to melt your gooey little earholes. After more than a year recording, mixing, and doing undercover detective work around the country, Mr. Stacks discovered that the secret of humanity’s tortured existence can only be uncovered on…. “TORTILLA MOUNTAIN.” Featuring Garret Kriston of Harshest Realm, Kirby Kaiser and Ryan Caruso of Jack Propane. Rated X. Coming soon to a Redbox near you…..

Track Listing:

1. Marshall Stacks – Black Velvet Nights ft. Kirby Kaiser
2. Marshall Stacks – Deep Yogurt
3. Marshall Stacks – Sauna 2 Sauna
4. Marshall Stacks – The Gates of Videoteca ft. Garret Kriston
5. Marshall Stacks – Cydro Nexon/Insect Breath
6. Marshall Stacks – Eddie ft. Kirby Kaiser
7. Marshall Stacks – Zarachofa (The Host) ft. Ryan Caruso

Source: Marshall Stacks – Journey to Tortilla Mountain

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