Lost EP by Christian Loffler

Christian Loffler


1/A1 – Christian Loffler – Lost

2/A2 – Christian Loffler (Lake People Remix)

3/B1 – Christian Loffler – Unknown

4/B2 – Christian Loffler – Unknown (Nuno Dos Santos Remix)

Featuring exclusive remixes by Lake People and Nuno Dos Santos, this will be the young German producer’s debut on the Milanese label, out digitally December 11 with vinyl coming in February.

Christian’s sound comes from a small city next to the Baltic sea. “Lost” drifts between landscapes, his music expresses a unique vibe drifted from a dialogue through an inspiring nature. Walking alongside “unknown” paths, passing through mysterious boundaries of a unique soul.

Lake People’s interpretation is a strong melting pot of different energies, breaking through a journey that brings flashbacks of a stroboscopic basement, flashing lights and a tipsy dance floor mood.

Nuno Dos Santos is a magnetic translation of a dialogue between soulful ambients and dark atmosphere. Hidden voices whisper melancholic anthems of a never ending night.

Just This label owner and 1/2 of duo Hunter/Game, Emmanuele Nicosia, states “This is one of our label’s most exciting releases – one of our favorite EP’s of 2015”.

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