Gwyneth Paltrow suffered postpartum depression

Gwyneth Paltrow suffered postpartum depression

She confesses that after the birth of Moses had “no maternal feeling” toward the small.Gwyneth Paltrow is successful, family and fame. However, the actress has also gone through bad times, and now confesses one of the hardest of his life. It was when she gave birth to her second child, Moses, from his marriage to singer Chris Martin.

The actress said that he had “no maternal feeling” toward the small, which led her to suffer from postpartum depression, which fortunately was able to overcome with the help of her husband.

The birth of Moses, the second child for Gwyneth and Chris, was a joy to his parents, although initially the downturn of mind that she suffered prevented him from taking over the small properly.

“When I look at pictures of him when he was three months and still I can not remember anything of those times,” Gwyneth has admitted, according to ‘Contact Music’.

And is that while meeting its core functions as a mother, could not feel close to her newborn son: “When I was worse was like a robot. She felt nothing. I had no maternal feelings toward him, it was horrible.”

Luckily, her husband realized what was happening and who helped him overcome the downturn: “The problem is that I never recognized that something was wrong. I just kept acting as if everything were normal, I felt like a crazy . It was Chris, really, who raised the issue that something was wrong. ”

Once the situation was clarified and the weight of the problem is divided between the two, the actress was able to struggle out of the situation and was restated to resume his career as an actress: “It was a relief to realize that Chris and I confirmed it I was not the only one (who lived with the problem). “