Grammy® Nominee Al Walser Releases Album

Who is Al Walser

It is truly the American dream. Al Walser came from the tiny country of Liechtenstein to succeed in music in America. On stage, Al can either be hard or HARDER. A Grammy Nominated artist and producer who takes the crowd by the balls and grips it there until it begs for submission. Al Walser is NOT a Mee-Too Artist!

Al Walser is a modern day Rock’n’Roll music renegade. His unique forward pushing sound and his rebellious approach towards today’s music industry infects people’s consciousness while disrupting the status quo. His music is Honest. Forthright. Believable. In an industry where most of today’s popular music have shorn off their rough edges, Al Walser dares to show rawness and rough edges without worrying about playing it safe. Al Walser acts and his crowd reacts. Born to Perform! How does he sound ? ” Al sounds like the “Incredible Hulk” having SEX! ”

Where many today rub off their rough edges, stopping major disruption from happening but yet trying to appeal to everybody, Al Walser is the antidote, the opposite of phony culture.

He is someone who goes his own way, who appeals with authenticity in a mainstream culture of duplicity.

Full Album stream available on SPOTIFY.

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