Dj Jes Out July 6 on Karlovak

Dj Jes First Generation EP

Dj Jes


Born in Mexico and raised in Chicago, DJ Jes saw his West Side Chicago peers choose a lifestyle of gangs and guns with daily activity of violence. It was then that Jes decided to lead a life of musical expression and lift himself to a higher state of being. Fifteen years later, DJ Jes is still continuing his path of musical creativity and has evolved into a professional DJ, producer, and founder of Fresca Recordings. The Chicago underground has been moved by DJ Jes for over twenty-five years – he is an original house pioneer that continues to be an integral part of the underground electronic scene.

Following up the UK’s reigning king of machine funk, Ben Sims with KRLVK1, next up is DJ Jes, a Chicago-via-Mexico artist whose productions are good for the soul. For the second installment in the super-exciting Swedish imprint’s new series, DJ Jes’ First Generation EP contains four tracks of sheer nightlife euphoria that delivers exhilarating loops and rhythmic bombs keeping up the constant momentum. KRLVK2’s hypnotic, tequila-soaked beats will keep the party going until the sun rises over the playa – or perhaps a Chicago rooftop in the summertime.


A1 Check It Out

A2 Para Usted

B1 First Step

B2 Malo

Connect with Karlovak:

Website | Facebook | SoundCloud | YouTube

Connect with DJ Jes:

SoundCloud | Twitter | YouTube

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