Dinamo Azari of Azari & III is back

Dinamo Azari - Victim

The album leads with single “Victim” that features the vocals of Fritz Helder and Starving Yet Full. As premiered on Fact Mag, the debut single is paired with a chilling video directed by Gigi Ben Artzi and Given Snir, that features an idyllic mansion in a tropical paradise, where five young women await rescue from their captor.

Dinamo Azari’s Estranged LP will be released on The Vinyl Factory on February 16, 2016, and more news about Fritz Helder will also be announced soon.The Toronto-based Dinamo Azari of Azari & III returns with new solo album Estranged, released early next year on The Vinyl Factory and features fellow Azari & III member Fritz Helder, Starving Yet Full and others to be announced.

Check the video below:

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